The main corporate purpose of Banco de Valores is to contribute to the development of the argentine Capital Market, and that is the reason why it has assumed a leading role in the structuring and placement of securities.


Banco de Valores is the main financial trustee of Argentina. We offer a comprehensive service to companies by structuring operations that represent an adequate balance in the risk-return ratio for investors.

We have issued more than 1,502 transactions for an amount of $295,578 millons as of November 30, 2022, offering a unique financing structure through the Capital Market to different sectors of the economy.

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We actively participate in the incorporation of private and public sector issues into the public offering system of securities, complementing each other with the most important distribution network in the country, namely, Brokers who are members of the Buenos Aires Stock Market.

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Banco de Valores is the main escrow agent for collective investment institutions of Mutual Funds (formerly known as Depository Entity) with total assets of 287 funds for an amount of $1,320,010 millons as of November 30, 2022.

We are the only bank in the country that was created by its main shareholder, Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Market, with the objective of contributing to the development and strengthening of the capital market.

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Banco de Valores, in its capacity as trustee, has been rated by Moody’s Investors Service with the highest evaluation that can be achieved by a trustee in Argentina.

Regarding rating at national scale of local currency deposits, Fix (Fitch) has assigned grade A1 (arg) which indicates the most solid payment capacity in due time and manner of the financial commitments with respect to other issuers or issues of the same country. Under the FIX national rating scale, this category is assigned to the best credit risk relative to any other risk in the country. When the characteristics of the issue or issuer are particularly sound, a “+” sign is added to the category.

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Aviso de resultado de la colocación del Fideicomiso Financiero MEGABONO 285, emitido por $3.800.739.138.