Commissions and Expenses

Commissions and Expenses

BANCO DE VALORES S.A. is a financial entity whose efforts are aimed at positioning in the specialized banking segment.

Especially, it tends towards the development of the capital market in the Argentine Republic.

As financial entity in the argentine stock-market system, it lets the public know that it operates mainly by structuring capital market products, interacting to this effect particularly with stockbrokers and stock exchange entities of the Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires S.A. and affiliate stock markets of the country´s inland regions. Our Entity, within a strictly commercial field, seeks to achieve a credit portfolio that will combine low risk attributes and very high liquidity, assisting only leading companies previously qualified, with the aim of not transferring to the stock market risks associated with the financial market.

BANCO DE VALORES S.A. does not pursue the commercial objective of carrying out transactions in the retail banking segment. Usually, the products included in this segment are addressed to its staff according to the Human Resources policy, as part of the benefits offered to its employees and, exceptionally, to individuals linked to stockbrokers and stock market companies, stock exchange institutions previously introduced by the above mentioned and those providing professional services to our institution.

Taking into account the above mentioned explanations and pursuant to the provisions referred to in point 2.4.2 of Communication “A” 5388 of the Central Bank of Argentina (“BCRA”), the costs, commissions and interest rates of the Products and/or services offered by our Institution are detailed as follows.

List of Commissions in force submitted to the National Stock Exchange Commission (CNV) through Financial Information Superhighway (AIF) (spanish)
B.C.R.A. – Commissions Comparative Table. Communication A 5928

In accordance with Communication “A” 5928 of the Banco Central de la República Argentina, as from September 1st, 2016, the Bank will not receive any type of commission and/or charge from users of financial services related to life insurances over balance due, and it will be responsible for the contracting of an insurance over balance due with death and total and permanent disability coverage regarding those loans granted to individuals.