Safety Recommendations

  • Passwords
  • Digital Certificates
  • Recommendations

In order to access Home Banking you are required:

  • User ID
  • Identity Card Number
  • Password

Additionally, for banking transactions you will need a digital certificate for customers.

Virtual Keyboard

This is a feature that displays a keyboard on the screen, which you can use as an alternative to the physical keyboard. This prevents malware from capturing your data or passwords.

Data Entry

When entering sensitive data, make sure that no one can see what you are writing.

User lock

Please note that, as a security measure, if we detect repeated login attempts with incorrect passwords, we will immediately block your user ID.

Secure Password

Please also consider this information when selecting a password:

  • Passwords should have 8 characters or more.
  • The access password you choose must not contain more than 3 consecutive equal characters, nor more than 3 consecutive ascending or descending numbers.
  • Select a password that is hard to guess but easy to remember. Avoid choosing passwords that can be associated with your personal data.
  • Differentiate your password. Do not use the same password for different Internet services.
  • Do not use password and user ID chosen during the last year.
  • Do not store passwords on your PC or in emails. Memorize them and keep them secret. Do not write them down.
  • For additional security, you will be asked to periodically change your password.


Certificates for Customers

Please note that in order to provide you more security when making transactions, in addition to the access credentials, Banco de Valores S.A. requires you to have a digital certificate of personal access.

These certificates are very important for the protection of people on the Internet, since they are used to clearly identify a user, authenticating and accurately establishing his identity. In this way it can be confirmed that a user is who he claims to be by combining two different components.

This second authentication factor (“something you have”) complements access credentials (“something you know”) by providing an additional measure of security.

Certificates for customers are backed by the most rigorous security measures and are issued by an international verification authority, a world leader in the industry.

If you have any questions when generating or downloading your certificate, please contact us 0800-999-0334.

Banco de Valores S.A. Certifícate

Our Home Banking uses a digital certificate “Norton Secured by Symantec”, which contains the most solid security measures.

It is issued by the international verifying authority VeriSign and is used to validate the authenticity of the Web site, confirming that the system is exactly what it claims to be and ensuring that the data transmitted are encrypted.

When you access Banco de Valores S.A. Home Banking, you are in a secure session. Extended Validation is the industry’s highest verification standard and provides the most visible security for users: the address bar turns green in the browser.

In addition, you can verify that the bar displays an address that begins with “https://” and shows a closed padlock at the bottom of the screen or following the address bar (this varies depending on the version of the browser you are using).

Internet explorer has the lock icon on the right. Chrome on the left, just like Firefox. And Safari to the center of the address bar.

Closing Session

It is very important that you always close the session safely when you have finished operating. One of the habits that may harm you is to simply close the window, without disconnecting the system.

Please note that if an extended period of time elapses in which your PC remains idle during the session, this will result in an automatic system shutdown.

Workstation Safety

Be sure to keep your operating system and installed programs up to date. Always use an anti-virus and firewall on your computer.

Do not install illegal or questionable programs.

Remember that public or shared computers can be very useful, but are not recommended for operation on highly critical sites.

Do not ignore your screen. Avoid leaving the computer alone with the session open.

When entering sensitive data, make sure that no one can see what you are writing.

Remember Passwords

Make sure your browser does not have “Remember my passwords” option enabled.


Be careful with the handling of emails. Be wary when communications warn you about prizes or promotions and pay special attention when they inform you about a problem in your account. Keep in mind that online scammers, like real-world scammers, are always using inventiveness and sophistication to deceive you in the virtual world.

Do not fill in forms or answer emails with your personal data or passwords. Banco de Valores S.A. will never ask you to provide this information by email.

Scan all email attachments with an antivirus.

Never follow a link to enter Home Banking. Always manually load the address in the browser’s address bar.